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Open House
FIN-GER as Open House at the 2017 Bürgerbräu Kirschblütenfest - Cherry Blossom Festival. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the Japanese atmosphere, and popped into the Store to experience, how ideas are made and what we're up to next.

Open House: 29.04.2017 | Saturday | 10:00-18:00

New FIN-GER Fellows
FIN-GER welcomes the von Totzholf family to live in our Finnish bird house fixed to the front facade of the FIN-GER Concept Store. This is the most southern bird house taking part in the campaign for One Million Birds Houses in Finland!

Back To School!
FIN-GER goes back to school!!! We enrolled on to Frank's Masterclass starting this Spring. Looking forward to learning more - Form Follows Fun!

Masterclass with Frank Gehry > Masterclass

Red Nose Day
Happy Red Nose Day from FIN-GER. Let's come together, have fun and make a difference for kids + all living creatures big & small.

The two cute LoveBirds posing in the photo are new Fingerfellows: Aino & Alvari.

AA Kids Making Movies
ArchitekturAkademie für Kinder began set-building and filming their next movie. This epic story features space robots & play architecture.

ArchitekturAkademie: 02.02.-21.12.2017 | Thursdays | 16:30-18:00

Calling all dogs: Visit dogumenta - the ultimate art exhibition for dogs at the FIN-GER 10.-11.06.2017. And bring your best pal with you....

Dogumenta: 10.-11.06.2017 | Thursday | 19:30-22:00

Writing Workshop
The Autorenkreis arranged an Open Writing Workshop in the FIN-GER on Thursday evening. A circle of enthusiastic writers engaged in reading & reviewing each other texts in a professionally moderated event.

Writing Workshop: 16.03.2017 | Thursday | 19:30-22:00

AA Kids do Storyboards
ArchitekturAkademie für Kinder drawing & writing storyboards for a short film about their LEGO townhouses. Look out: Space Robots are back again!

ArchitekturAkademie: 02.02.-21.12.2017 | Thursdays | 16:30-18:00

Architecture & Design Course
FIN-GER, in collaboration with Architektur Büro Jäcklein, participates in teaching architecture & design at the Egbert-Gymnasium in Münsterschwarzach. The Course will continue until the end of the year and it will include design research, sketching and personal project designs. the outcomes of the Course will be taken into account in developing the school's renewal plans.

Architecture & Design Course: from 13.03.2017 onwards | Mondays

Design Studio
FIN-GER Design Studio in action: discovering best of cultural regionality as inspiration for sketching locality in architecture & design.

FIN-GER Concept Store: open | Monday-Friday | 09:30-17:30

AA Kids do minitownhouses
ArchitekturAkademie für Kinder designed LEGO minitownhouses (3 m wide) to an inside courtyard in downtown Würzburg. This AA kids project is done parallel to an urban renewal & upgrading of an excisting housing block - so this can be for real soon!

ArchitekturAkademie: 02.02.-21.12.2017 | Thursdays | 16:30-18:00

Architecture Workshop
FIN-GER, in collaboration with Architektur Büro Jäcklein, launched off 2000 analog iPads at the Project Day of the Egbert-Gymnasium in Münsterschwarzach. During a two-day event over 800 school kids, teachers and other members of staff will investigate and express with text and images the positive and negative learning environments. At the end of the Workshop all the analog iPads will be collected, and the tacit knowledge provided by the users will be taken into account in developing the school's renewal plans.

Architecture Workshop: 13.-14.01.2017 | Friday-Saturday | all day

Book Discussion Club
The Book Discussion Club began their first reading in the FIN-GER Concept Store with an interesting book on "Borrowed Landscapes" by Marion Poschmann.

Book Discussion Club: 12.01.2017 | Thursday | 19:30-22:00

Concept To Go
FIN-GER offers an unique opportunity for you to step into the Store and ask for a "Concept To Go". The idea is to provide architectural design advice and freehand sketches by a Finnish architect for people, who are in need of a quick and simple help. In between talking and sketching you can enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee or tea. Please be in contact beforehand in order to make an appointment. For further information > info+impressum

FIN-GER Concept Store: open | Monday-Friday | 09:30-17:30

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